SSM places the utmost importance on the health and safety of its employees, contractors, visitors to our workplaces and the border community. The company is committed to continually improving its health and safety performance.

In order to meet the highest quality to satisfy the demand and the different requirements of our clients, a Quality control system is implemented from the blasting to the shipment of the final product.

a) Blasting :

Selection of the best fronts.

Selection of the adapted explosives for a certain type of salt (without nitrated ammonium).

Blocometry of the blasted blocs in order to avoid fines.

b) Treatment :

Monitoring of the crashing units in order to guarantee a high quality level of the final product. Systematic sampling in the underground and on the surface.

c) Laboratory :

Systematic assaying (grain size and chemical elements) of the samples taken during the whole process. The assays are performed in accordance to international standards.

d) Storage :

The follow up of the quality of all the stocks underground and on the surface.

The preparation of a Quality Management certification (ISO 9001) is in process and to be accomplished by the first semester of 2014.


As one of the largest Rock salt producer in the Mediterranean region, SSM has brought together many years of production experience and logistics in order to offer customers the best quality at the most competitive conditions.

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